VERTCH: #StartSharing

  • What is Vertch

Vertch started as a media (video & audio) sharing website in order to cater to the needs of aspiring creative and expressive music acts by providing a platform to show case their talents. It soon upgraded to include a community for underground African music talent to find their voice and shock the music culture.

Vertch seeks to create a home for amateur and professional musicians were their works can be promoted and exhibited.
The platform first beta-launched in 2014 with promising reception from the public. This facilitated further development and a re-launch occurred in January 2016.

We are on a mission to “create a fully functional and dynamic platform that preserves talent and promotes craft”.

Our vision is to become a haven for all music acts in Africa.


  • Why Vertch

It’s all about you. Vertch is provides indigenous talent with the local fan base that wants to listen to them, and content is curated to meet the African taste. A site uniquely poised to offer an audience to the upcoming music talent that abound in Africa.
Our consumers are treated to premium and original creative content from Vertch as well as a variety of non-mainstream content.
Users can express themselves as freely as possible. It’s fun, easy-to-use and effective in design. Vertch is the platform limitless creatives are always looking for, where the only boundaries are the limits of their imagination.