5 Things to learn from Wizkid

Undoubtedly the biggest export out of Nigeria – and maybe even Africa – right now, Wizkid has managed to redefine what it means to be a Nigerian pop star. We first got to hear him in mainstream music on M.I.’s Fast Money, Fast Cars in 2008, and he hasn’t stopped growing since, becoming a truly international artiste by any definition of the word.

There’s a lot to learn from Wizkid’s growth from child pop sensation to A-list superstar but here are out top 5 lesson to learn from Starboy.

  1. Start Little, Dream Big: We must have all heard the funny story of Wizkid starting out as Lil Prinz, rapping and singing in his church. What often goes untold though were how he already had dreams as big as conquering the global music scene even before he could legally drive. It’s okay to start little – just don’t think little.
  2. Consistency and Hard work: Since Wiz’s major break out with Holla at Your Boy in 2009, despite having only two albums and the just released ‘EP’, he’s been very consistent, dropping freestyles, doing features, releasing hits. Not a year has gone by without at least a huge hit from Wizkid since Holla at Your Boy. He’s also known to be a hard worker, always in the studio, doing features, and performing at numerous shows.
  3. Passion: Wizkid is a natural music lover and he’s so passionate about making music. You simply need to watch him talk about his music and music in general to realize this. Being passionate about what you do can only result to it being easier and better cause you’ll be enjoying every step of the process.
  4. Good Relationships: Over the years, Wizkid despite the odds has managed to maintain good relationships with people and he has gone on to benefit from these relationships which has resulted in his growth as an artiste. Relationships with the likes of Banky W, Skepta, Tinie Tempah, Wale, Chris Brown etc.
  5. Don’t Settle, be willing to Evolve: Many artistes will accomplish as much as Wizkid has and be satisfied but not Wizkid. The desire for a bigger worldwide audience has helped him adjust to and master more genres to just be what he is; a musical genius. Being contented puts you in a box, don’t settle, be willing to evolve and get better.

There’s so much to learn from Wizkid but these are the five we thought most important. What else do you think we can learn from Daddy Yo? Share it with us in the comments section.

  • Hader Otaki

    i Love the write, short, simple and straight to the point. Sometime, we really underestimate the power of little beginning but i believe the story of Wizkid can teach us one or two things about humble beginning. I am one Nigerian who is really proud of that kid, his achievements and how it all started for him. I wish him more in his journey.