#Review: Milli – Childish

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here. Since signing for the now defunct Loopy Music in 2014, there have been talks about the release of a Childish EP that simply failed to materialize; until now that is.

It’s been quite the career for the young artiste since that signing, and fast forward a few years – he’s made a compilation with top label, Chocolate City as well as many memories worth remembering.

He left the label some while back amidst issues, released an EP as an independent artiste, before finally releasing the much awaited project that’s got everyone talking again.

The EP sounds really new though and it makes you wonder where all the old songs are. Here’s a track by track review from our guys here at Vertch – Paolo Abamwa & Temiloluwa Durojaiye;

Paolo & Temi:

  1. For Mum: Milli lost his mum sometime this year (Rest her soul) and it was only right a song for his mum is the intro. “Tell my mum I made it” he says as he tries to motivate everyone trying to make it especially for a family member that is no longer around to witness it happening.
  2. Flex ft. M.I, Ice Prince and Cameey: A feel good trap song about living the balling lifestyle. This song is amazinggggg! He enlists the help of Cameey and former label mates Ice Prince and M.I, who all came through. Not many would have seen this track coming especially since there were rumours of a fall out with M.I but the short black boy more than cleared the air in his verse.
  3. Monica: Ayyyyyyy! Girl Next Door! This jam can make you knock on your neighbour’s door so your neighbour’s daughter will give you the wickedest whine. This song will definitely have you moving. It is Caribbean influenced mixed with African elements.


  1. On God: Just when you thought Milli wasn’t rapping anymore, he spits heavy bars on this hard hitting rap beat, praying to God on behalf of himself and his squad, that’s the real squad goals yo!
  2. Not Over You: If you didn’t think Milli was very versatile and talented, this is the song that has you thinking otherwise. I could feel his pain of an ex-lover that left him but he hasn’t seem to move on. This is so raw and it has this energy that makes you relate to the pain even though in real life you’re the Yoruba demon.
  3. Where do babies come from interlude: I know Milli said the music is not really childish but if any song truly carries the message of the title, it’s this. It is very playful but make no mistake, it’s a nice song that has lines that will still leave you amazed.
  4. I feel Blessed: Milli talks about accomplishments thus far and how he’s happy with the progress he’s made. This Beats-by-Jayy produced song would be lit for house parties especially, who wouldn’t want to rock to this groovy song?
  5. Baby: Is it really complete without Milli singing for his woman? Milli’s music is so unique though especially here in Nigeria. It’s not your everyday song for your lover, it is clearly refreshing and on another level, it keeps you entertained while the message is still being passed.


  1. Work: The bonus song on the EP. This is just Milli stamping his prints in the industry. This has got to be tagged the Milli style, he has shown he can do it over and over again. So when next an artiste sings like this, you just say the artiste is doing a Milli.

Paolo & Temi:

The childish EP is solid and it significantly shows a bold progressive step from last year’s Don’t Ask Me What Happened. We look forward to seeing more creative visuals from this project and of course new works from Milli himself but as for now? I’m going to Monica’s house.