So in the previous article of it’s the little things series, we talked about the important things that might seem small but actually has a huge impact on an artiste’s growth. The sad thing is most artistes either overlook or pay little attention to these things. The first being an artiste’s stage name, then the artiste’s choice of beats, now we take a look at another two things artistes need to pay more attention to.

The Chorus

This is the most obvious part of a song. No matter how good the verses are, if your chorus doesn’t sound right, the song is most likely going to be termed a bad song. The chorus is repetitive and it tells a lot about the song. The chorus is one of those things that if they must be done then it should be done properly.

You’re better off without a chorus than having a bad chorus. Artistes need to put more time and effort into making a catchy chorus. It’s difficult, almost impossible to go wrong with a catchy chorus.

Theme of song

The theme of the song is the central message, whatever the artiste is talking about. It has to be genuine or at least entertaining enough for listeners. While it might be true that some artistes have made songs with themes that made little to no sense, their theme was probably planned to come off in that manner.

Bottom line is when you have an idea on how your song should sound, you stand a better chance of making the song a good one than not having a theme at all. Having a theme makes the direction the song is headed to known to the artiste, which makes the song-writing process easier which in turn makes it much better.

So there, create a catchy chorus, have a very good and reliable chorus, get a solid theme of the song and you are good to go, especially if you’ve been following the It’s the little things series and will like to learn more ways to turn these little things into your advantage as an artiste.

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written by Paolo Abamwa